What Shed Should I Buy?

Below is some useful information which can help you choose the right shed for your particular needs:

Standard Shed

The Standard range of sheds are aimed at being more suited to medium-duty garden storage. With more choices of style, and with available 'extras' this garden shed is superb value throughout. The shed comes with free delivery*, and is assembled on site by a fully trained team of fitters! The shed is pre-treated in a water-based solution, but it is recommended that the customer re-treats the shed every 12 months years to prolong the life-span.

Tanalised Shed

Any shed you choose can be made using Tanalised 'pressure-injected' wood treatment (please see the section on the Tanalising process). This greatly increases the shed's resistance to the elements, and is particularly useful when the shed is fitted in a difficult place to re-treat the timber each year. All Tanalised sheds come with free delivery and installation*.

Security Shed

As you would expect, this shed is made to the highest possible security standards available to our trade. Our Security Shed range is available in any size or style - depending on the customer's exact requirements, and is manufactured from high-quality timber (also available in Tanalised wood). The Security Shed is suitable for storing more valuable Garden items as it is a more robust and durable construction. This shed comes with a free security hinges and pad-bolt, free delivery*, and free installation* by a fully trained team of fitters!

Beast Shed

The 'Beast Shed' is a rugged and hard-wearing 'outdoor construction' that can be in the form of a workshop, a studio, a garage, or even an outdoor office building - depending on exactly what the customer requires. The Beast Shed is available in any style, size or shape, and is made from the thickest, strongest tongue and groove timber available to us, and 3"x 2" framework timbers (also available in Tanalised wood). We guarantee this is the strongest, toughest, most secure, most resilient, hard-wearing, long-lasting, 'heavy duty' shed you can buy! We are confident that the Beast Shed will satisfy the most discerning customer in terms of durability, pure quality, and affordability!

Comparison Chart

Standard Tanalised Security Beast

Cladding (T&G)

16mm (planed) finish 12mm 16mm (planed) finish 12mm 16mm (planed) finish 12mm 25mm (planed) finish 20mm

Floor (all Tanalised)

finish 20mm finish 20mm finish 20mm finish 20mm


16mm (planed) finish 12mm 16mm (planed) finish 12mm 16mm (planed) finish 12mm 25mm (planed) finish 20mm

Framing (all Tanalised)

38mm x 50mm (planed) 38mm x 50mm (planed) 38mm x 50mm (planed) 3" x 2" (planed)

Free Fitting*

tick tick tick tick

Extra Framework

cross tick tick tick

Security Hinges

cross cross tick tick

Padbolt Protector

cross cross tick tick

Safety Perspex windows

tick tick tick tick

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