Heavy duty wooden shed flooring - strongest online!

We are so confident in the strength of our sheds that we have subjected them to several rigorous tests in order to determine just how strong they are. Our results showed that they were even stronger than we had at first anticipated, and unless you are considering parking a double decker bus in one you will not be disappointed in the outstanding strength and durability of any of our Beastshed range of timber buildings.

Watch a van loaded with heavy wood drive over one of our sheds' floors below, compared to the poor quality of most 12mm tongue and groove floors! We provide strong, treated wood floors exactly like the video on the left shows on ALL OUR SHEDS!

This video shows the flooring cheap shed companies use
compared to ours - our forklift trucks drive over them both.
This video shows the flooring cheap shed companies use
compared to ours - one of our trucks drive over them both.

Remember you can not treat a shed floor once it is fitted

20mm flooring
beast Floor
internal beast

The durability of any timber construction of course relies on the quality and strength of it's individual components, and in the quality of the joints in the framework, but nothing is so vital to longevity as the durability and strength of the floor components.

After many years of sustained use it is the floor that will eventually determine the overall life of the building. Taking this into consideration we have designed our Beastshed range based on near indestructible floor sections!

Our floors are constructed from heavy duty, hard-wearing, tanalised (pressure treated) rough sawn timbers, and assembled using extra framework and extra floor runners for extra strength!

We guarantee you will not find a better, safer, or more durable construction anywhere on the market!

internal tanalised
standard floor
tanalised flooring

And remember you get the rot-resistant, heavy duty, Beast Floor on all our sheds!


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